inBloom Data Mining: “This is the United States of America. Parents and teachers have a right to know.” ~ Chasidy White, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Dear Bill and Melinda,

I am a teacher, and I have kept a close watch on the millions of dollars you have spent for the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Most teachers and administrators are unaware the actual standards are only a small part of the education reforms you planned for our children. I have also paid close attention to the money you are pouring into data collection on our students.

Teachers Letters to Bill Gates - Chasidy White - inBloom

When you gave $100 million dollars to inBloom to build “the cloud” to collect private data on our children, why didn’t you tell teachers and parents?

This is the United States of America. Parents and teachers have a right to know.

Chasidy White
8th grade Teacher
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

[Note: Links were provided by Teachers’ Letters To Bill Gates.]

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About Teachers'LettersToBillGates

Our mission is to create a dialogue with Bill and Melinda Gates in order to achieve a democratic influence on public education through the voices of education researchers, professors of education, administrators, school board members, professional teachers, parents, students, and community members. We would appreciate Bill and Melinda's feedback and want to influence their education policy and financial decisions by adding democratic voices to create meaningful relevant education for children.
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